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Dissecting shelter for the displaced immigrants’ operations and challenges in the 2015 xenophobic violence in Durban

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posted on 2022-03-03, 11:57 authored by Evangelos Mantzaris, Bethuel Sibongiseni Ngcamu
The 2015 xenophobic attacks in Durban left thousands of the victims mostly displaced foreign nationals in the shelters arranged by the South African government in accordance with the regulations of the United Nations. Millions were spent by the government in ensuring and providing basic services and necessities and professional assistance by a number of government departments, civil society groups and universities. Despite these concerted coordinated efforts by govern?ment, criticisms have been levelled against them on shelter management, opera?tions, living conditions and lack of the inter and intra-stakeholder coordination by the media, scholars and anti-state civil society groups. Meanwhile, an empirical study dissecting the displaced shelters’ operations, stakeholders’ activities, reinte?gration and repatriation challenges as well as the living conditions in the estab?lishments has not been published. This study intends to interrogate the displaced shelters for the immigrants’ government agencies and civil society operations, success and failure stories as well as the reintegration and repatriation challenges faced by the government officials. This angle has not been researched and unearthed by researchers. This study contributes to the scholarly literature by espousing dimensions of the shelters and dissecting the actions and behaviour of the displaced immigrants who have been considered by a host of stakeholders as the victims in the shelters. Their attitudes and activities are analysed.


This work was supported by the National Research Fund [TTK160527166475]; National Research Fund [TTK160527166475].