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Multivariate analyses of functional and chemical properties of Uapaca Kirkiana fruits from Zimbabwe

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posted on 2021-11-23, 10:24 authored by Armistice Chawafambira, Moosa Mahmood Sedibe, Augustine Mpofu, Matthew Achilonu
The correlation between the functional and chemical properties of U. kirkiana fruit pulp was studied. The functional and chemi?cal properties of the fruit pulps were determined and data were analyzed by regression and principal component analysis (PCA) to show correlations and variances. Results showed a 51.4% variance, PC 1 had a 37.31% variance. PC 2 showed a 14.17% variance. Antioxidant activity (AOA), Cu, vitamin C, total titrata?ble acid (TTA), and Mg had a positive variance in PC 1. TTA and pH were significant and correlated in PC 1. Titratable acidity and pH had a variability of 69% and 74%. Iron and Ca were signifi?cant and correlated in PC 2. Phosphorus and AOA were posi?tively correlated. Pulp yield had a weak positive correlation with dry matter, Ca, K, and Zn content. Fruits from Bikita were grouped according to pH levels, AOA, Cu, vitamin C, TTA, and phosphorus content. Fruits in Kazangarare were high in Fe and Ca and grouped together. Magnesium content was significant in fruits obtained from Gokwe. Phosphorus and TTA had signifi?cant effect (p < 0.01; p < 0.05) on pulp yield. The results provide useful data about relationship, chemical composition variation of U. kirkiana fruit pulp obtained at the different regions of Zimbabwe.


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