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Optimal energy management of a hybrid diesel generator and battery supplying a RTG crane with energy recovery capability

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posted on 2022-01-21, 08:31 authored by Kanzumba Kusakaka, Sibongile Florina Phiri, Bubele Papy Numbi
In this paper, an optimal energy management model for a RTG crane supplied by a hybrid diesel generator/battery system is developed. The aim of the model is to reduce the energy cost spending and CO2 emission by minimizing the amount of fuel consumed by the diesel generator, and maximizing the potential energy recovered through the regenerative braking during the container lowering phase. As a case study, a 40 tonnes RTG crane operating in South Africa has been selected. The demand profile, size of the diesel generator as well as of the battery storage system are used as input to the model developed. Simulations, for a complete RTG handling cycle, have been conducted to evaluate the techno-economic performances of the developed model use to optimally dispatch the power flow in the system during the different phases of operation. As compared to the baseline case where the diesel generator is used alone to handle the same demand, the simulation results for the selected day of operation have shown that using the proposed model, a 40.6% reduction in the operation cost as well as CO2 emission is achievable in the case of the proposed system without energy recovery; while 82.17% is achievable in the case the energy recovery is included. Looking further into the stochastic nature of the demand, the analysis on a year of operation have revealed that 76.04% in operation cost can be potentially saved using the proposed system. The result of the true payback period analysis has shown that the overall investment cost may be recovered in 1.36 years. Additionally, it can be seen from the results that the peak power demand on the diesel generator has been reduced, this can assist in reducing the power rating and the initial cost of the diesel generator.


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