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Political dimension of business education in Africa

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posted on 2021-11-25, 11:00 authored by Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam
Politics and business education are often regarded as inseparable. The successful performance of businesses depends to a great extent on the political environment of the host country. decisions, policies, programmes and interventions of governments and individuals may affect business education and business generally either positively or negatively. Therefore, this study examined how the political dimensions of different countries in Africa affects business organisations and business education. Some countries in Africa were selected and instances were given on how their government policies, interventions and white paper have affected business organisations and business education in those countries. Based on the instances given in this study, it was concluded that politics play a crucial role in business education in Africa, as government interventions and policies were seen to have affected business education and business organisations either positively or negatively. Thus, confirming the statement that politics and business education are inseparable. It was recommended that governments in Africa should always assess the possible effects of their policies on business organisations and business education before implementing any new policy. Old policies affecting business education and businesses should be restructured in such a way that it will positively affect business education and business organisations in Africa.