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Teaching STEM education in Nigeria: challenges and recommendations.

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posted on 2021-11-29, 10:09 authored by Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam
STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Recently, attention has been placed on STEM as a result of the employment gap in STEM-field and the need to meet the demand of technological development of this present time. STEM was earlier known as SMET meaning science mathematic engineering and technology before it was later changed in the 1990s by the National Science Foundation to promote and create awareness the direction technological development is taking us has created a need to prepare, sensitize, motivate and promote the study of STEM. However, the fundamental questions remain; how we teach STEM, what are the challenges with STEM education and what possibilities do the future hold. This paper seeks to explore the answer to these questions and how best to make STEM education effective in Nigeria. The paper does this by first of all exploring the literature on STEM education in Nigeria, then proceed to look at the challenges facing sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics education in Nigeria. It further looks at the possibilities available and how STEM education and improve the general welling being of both the people and the society in which they live in. the paper concludes that STEM education is necessary for the growth and development of the nation and if Nigeria will remain the giant of Africa, then more emphasis must be placed on STEM education.


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