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The Contribution of bioenergy in the renewable energy technology mix: research perspective

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posted on 2022-01-05, 12:02 authored by A. C. Eloka-Eboka, R. Chetty
Renewable energy from biomass, biofuels and biodiesel encapsulated as bioenergy has become an interested aspect of clean energy technology and is currently receiving global attention. Bioenergy produced from renewable feedstocks and sustainable wastes using several technologies is the focus of this research and development presentation. In South Africa, bioenergy in the forms of solids, liquids and gaseous fuels have been characterised as first, second and third generations (1D, 2D and 3D) systems in order to solve myriads and most critical energy aspects of the sustainable development goals of Africa. The technologies evolved have been directed to specific bioenergy feedstocks and needs for optimal utilisation and application and they include: direct combustion (for power generation), anaerobic digestion (for methane-rich gas production), fermentation (of sugars for alcohols as fuels), oil extraction and transesterification (for biodiesel as fuels), pyrolysis (for biochar, gas and oils for fuel and chemicals), gasification (for carbon monoxide and hydrogen-rich syngas as fuels and value added products) and generalised thermo-chemical conversion. The technologies are further driven by arrays of secondary treatments (stabilization, dewatering, upgrading, refining) depending on specific final products. This presentation explored these and all such research and development (R and D) strategies and technological packages of bioenergy in South Africa. These have implications in the commercialisation, entrepreneurship, informing policy and direct impact in Africa’s energy sustainability. The exploration of sugar-cane bagasse biomass for use as briquette/pellet fuels are also presented.


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