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The Fourth industrial revolution and the future of engineering education in South Africa

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posted on 2021-11-29, 10:36 authored by Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam
The process of change from a crude, agrarian economy to one dominated by industry and heavy machineries has taken a new facelift in the fourth industrial era. This era has in it a fusion of technologies in the physical, digital and biological sphere which can have profound impact on all industries and cause a shift in the models of business globally. There is a shift in the order of events and the fourth industrial revolution has with it velocity and exponential rate, breadth, and depth of convergence and its attendant import on industries, firms, government and the society at large. This research was framed as a qualitative study and a theoretical approach was used in providing support for the major thematic areas in this research article. A review of relevant pieces of literature in line with the topic under consideration was done to address the topic critically. This study reveals that there is a need for change along engineering lines since the traditional development models that have contributed to growth in the past might not be appropriate to maintain growth in the future. Exposing the need to have new techniques and business models that will influence present and future processes, this study recommends a rapid adaptation to global breakthroughs by South Africa, in order to ensure that all stakeholders vital to the educational, political and economic policies in South Africa, synergize to have in place factors that will ensure rapid uptake and local development of this emerging innovations.


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