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The physical origin of waves in magnetocardiography technique and their applications in imaging.

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posted on 2023-02-21, 10:03 authored by Massimo Fioranelli, Maria Grazia Roccia, Aroonkumar Beesham, Dana Flavin, Somayyeh Shoorvazi

In this research, we propose a theoretical model which helps us to consider evolutions of some special heart cells by  using superconducting quantum interface devices (SQUID) in a magnetocardiography (MCG) technique. In this model,  each cell has its own special electrical structure including ions and charges. These charges move within or outside the  cell and emit some magnetic fields. Also, some charges have spins which emit spinning magnetic fields. Summing over  these biofields produces the real biofield of a cell. All cellular magnetic fields are summed and enter into the sensor  (SQUID) and form the observed pulse on the scope. On the other hand, each biofield induces a current on the  superconductor of detector. To consider evolutions of a special cell, one can produce some currents, equal and in  opposite directions of currents which are induced by other cells. These currents cancel effects of other cells and only  the current and magnetic field of a desired cell is remained. Thus, one can analyze the behavior of one special cell. For  example, if a cell converts to a tumor one, its radiated charges and magnetic fields are changed. These changes could  be detected by SQUID and tumors could be diagnosed fast.